Apink Bo Mi introduces her new three-story house with ‘rural vibe’ garden and large terrace

Apink member Yoon Bo Mi unveiled her new house for the first time two months after moving in.

On July 22nd, Apink Yoon Bo Mi uploaded on her Youtube channel “Bbom Bbom Bbom” a new video titled “Bomi and Her 3-Floor House with a Garden 1st reveal”.

Apink Bomi

In the video, Bo Mi said, “I moved about 2 months ago. Since I started moving, I thought I should show you around my house”, showing the yard and terrace first.

Bo Mi shared, “When I looked for a house, I wanted a yard that’s not too big nor too small. Just enough for my dogs to play”. Introducing the terrace as her favorite place, Bo Mi said, “I stay here the most as soon as I wake up. I sit on this chair and drink coffee. When I open the door, my dogs play around.”

After revealing her garden filled with a rural vibe as she planted lettuce and perilla leaves, Bo Mi went on to show her bedroom and clothing room. Showcasing her bookcase, she said, “I really like to read books. So I put the bookcase in the middle of the hall so that I can see it often”.

Bo Mi decided not to spend money as much as possible so she brought everything she used in her previous house to use them. Nevertheless, she purchased new automatic dog feeders. Bo Mi said, “Recently, my sister and I have been leaving the house more frequently. I just bought three. It’s quite expensive, but I can’t starve my dogs”.

Bo Mi also introduced the place where she stores Apink albums and letters. She confessed, “Before our 10th anniversary, each member wrote to each other letters. And we decided to open it on our 10th anniversary. And one of us were to keep it, so I kept it. I think the members forgot about this”, expressing her affection for Apink members.

Meanwhile, Yoon Bo Mi will appear in tvN’s new drama “Queen of Tears”.

Source: Daum

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