AOA’s Seolhyun to return to variety for the first time after Min-ah’s “bystander” accusations

AOA members, who had been on hiatus due to Kwon Min-ah’s revelation, are announcing their return to the broadcast one by one.

AOA members, who had been on hiatus due to Kwon Min-ah‘s revelation, are announcing their return to the broadcast one by one. Since Kwon Min-ah was exposed with her own issue and public opinion was overturned, netizens are focusing their attention on how AOA members’ returns will be perceived.

Reportedly, EXO Xiumin, AOA Seolhyun, Ok Joohyun, Joowoojae, WJSN Dayoung, Golden Child Lee Jangjun, Tei, and Jang Dongmin appeared as guests in the recent episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros.”

In particular, Seolhyun, who came to the show as Kim Hee-chul’s “close friend,” drew attention for her appearance. Seolhyun has been steadily posting about her recent status through the YouTube channel “눈이 부시게 by 설현” (Bright by Seolhyun, but this is the first time she appeared on a variety show since Kwon Min-ah’s revelations.

seolhyun knowing bros

Kwon Min-ah made headlines in July last year for exposing AOA’s internal use. At that time, Kwon Min-ah even posted photos of her attempt to make extreme choices, claiming that she had been continuously bullied by Jimin verbally and physically. Jimin wasn’t the only one who became Min-ah’s target. She also pointed out Seol-hyun and Chan-mi as “bystanders” who acknowledged the bullying in the group but chose to ignore.

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In the aftermath, Jimin has been quietly living so far since withdrawing from AOA, and Seol-hyun and Chan-mi, who were pointed out as “bystanders,” as well as other members, have been on hiatus to self-reflect.

The situation seemed to be over for the time due to the voluntary suspension of AOA members’ activities, but soon after, the situation reversed due to Kwon Min-ah’s “self-destructing” actions. This is because she has been embroiled in a variety of controversies, ranging from the controversy over dating someone who already had a girlfriend in June to the controversy over indoor smoking in September. On top of that, a media outlet even revealed allegations of her power abusing action. According to this, Kwon Min-ah had a so-called “diva” attitude during AOA activities, such as ordering a manager to do private work that was not related to her idol work.

Kwon Min-ah apologized only then and revealed that she would stop SNS activities. She said, “It’s all my own business. I also hurt many people a lot. I’m sorry, but now I won’t tie myself to the past, and if I have a chance, I hope I can talk about it again,” she wrote. Recently, she posted on Instagram, “I have a lot to say, but I haven’t said anything.” “I also admit and reflect on what I did wrong,” drawing attention.

As public opinion toward Kwon Min-ah is reversed, AOA members are also returning to the broadcast one by one. Not only Seol-hyun, who was mentioned earlier, but also Chan-mi, who was pointed out as a “bystander,” will appear at MBN’s “Weekly Mountain Conference,” which airs on November 15th, to update fans on her recent situation. In addition, Yuna and Hye-jung are active as actors by appearing in web dramas, and Choa from AOA is already appearing regularly in various entertainment shows. With all the members except Jimin successfully returning to the broadcast, viewers are paying keen attention to what kind of stories they will bring up on the broadcast.

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