Kwon Min-ah: “My health has improved, looking forward to my 30s”

“My mental and physical health has improved a lot now”.   

Kwon Min-ah met us alone at a studio in Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on Nov 12th. She definitely looked healthier. Kwon Min-ah had raised fans’ concerns after reportedly attempting an extreme choice in July. However, she told us about how she has become brighter and healthier. “I’m still receiving medication. In fact, I’ve been working for a living since I was 14, so this is the first time I’ve rested properly like this. In the past, I was nervous even if I took a short break, but now I’m having fun watching the outside world and doing cultural life. Should I say that I feel more confident? Haha”.

Kwon Min-ah will hold a flea market at a studio in Yeonnam-dong from today to Nov 14th and meet with her fans for the first time in a while. She is planning to donate part of the profit from this flea market.

Kwon Mina flea market

“About the flea market? I have a lot of clothes at home. I thought I needed to organize my clothes while moving recently, but I thought it would be nice to share them with others through the flea market because there were many clothes I bought at a high price. About 14 years ago, I worked at a clothing store as a part-time job before my debut, and I still remember having so much fun at that time. I vaguely thought, “I want to do this again someday,” but I get to open the market fast this time thanks to my good social relationship.”

At the entrance to the flea market, there was a rice wreath sent by fans to celebrate the opening of her flea market. It was not only the rice wreath, at the flea market site, many fans also visited to see Kwon Min-ah and show her their support, creating a warm atmosphere.

“It was touching. I didn’t expect fans to send me a rice wreath today, so I was even more surprised and moved. It’s been a really long time since I last saw my fans, and I was so thankful that many fans who have been supporting me since my debut came.”  Kwon Min-ah’s flea market opening is also in line with the launch of a fashion brand she is currently preparing for. She is planning to launch a fashion brand next year.

Kwon Mina flea market

Kwon Min-ah shared, “My current boyfriend is a designer for men’s clothing. I gave him a lot of advice when he was preparing to expand his field to women’s clothing design. He said my special and unique design ideas were really good and recommended, ‘This is such a waste of ideas. Why don’t you design it yourself?’. I have dreamed of establishing a fashion business since a long time ago. However, I kept rejecting it because I thought it was not my major, so it would not be easy for me to do so. Then, I gained back my courage little by little. I started sketching it again while recalling everything I had learned before. I went to the fabric market to find the fabric for my own clothes, then began preparing for the plan in earnest.”

Kwon Min-ah hinted that she is aiming to launch her own fashion brand next year after preparing everything. She also dreams of expanding the spectrum from a women’s clothing brand to include men’s clothing in the future.

“I want to make clothes that I want to wear myself, which are unique and luxurious, but not too fancy. Brand name? I’m using the name ‘202rooms’ for sample tags, but I haven’t decided yet. I’m still thinking about whether I should continue to use it or decide on a new brand name (laughs)”

Kwon Mina flea market

After revealing that she was bullied by Jimin during AOA activities last year, Kwon Min-ah continuously got involved in various other issues until mid-2021. After suffering such an eventful period, Kwon Min-ah is now looking forward to her upcoming 30s with a more comfortable mindset.

She shared, “Many things happened this year. Although there were many difficult times, people around told me, ‘Things are usually hard in your 20s, but it could be even harder when you reach 29’. Therefore, I’m dreaming of being in my 30s. I’m really looking forward to my 30s. Wouldn’t hard things get a little better by that time?”

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