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Another victim of “Physical: 100” female cast’s school violence appears, “Members of her bully gang joined ‘Street Woman Fighter’”

While a female cast member on Netflix’s “Physical: 100” is suspected of committing school violence, another victim spoke up.

Another victim appeared to expose the school violence past of A, a female cast member on “Physical: 100”. Accordingly to the revelation of this netizen, A’s bully group members participated in Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”.

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The netizen said, “A was a member of a group. They cursed at me and several friends, beat us, and even robbed our money”, adding “The situation had been repeated since the first year of middle school. A told me to bring money all the time and when I didn’t bring the money, A told me to meet at Guldari in Jeongja-dong, Suwon. I was very scared, so I asked the teacher for help and my teacher told me to record it”.

They continued, “I was still using glasses at that time. A told me to take off my glasses, and as soon as I took them off, A hit my face. A also beat me and stepped on my stomach. Other kids were hit in the same way. I was caught recording a video so I got hit even more”, adding “The situation ended after the teachers went to the scene. Later, a school violence disciplinary committee was held but nothing changed”.

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The netizens added, “Even after that incident, I still got cursed at and beaten by A at school. Some of the members in A’s bully gang came out on ‘Street Woman Fighter’”, adding “I can reveal their real names if I want. Our middle school was in Suwon. I can’t understand how they can confidently appear on the show. I don’t want to see their faces again. If you see this article, I hope you will live an embarrassing life doing other things.”

The credibility of this article has not been confirmed. However, many Internet users believe in it as the netizen described the situation in detail and mentioned the place of their school.

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Earlier, a revelation exposing the school violence past of a female cast member on “Physical 100” was posted on Nate Pann, drawing attention. OP said, “A and her group made me and my friends pay them money. When I told my parents the truth and asked for help, A called me to a karaoke room and assaulted me… My hands trembled when I saw her receiving praises for being cool”, adding, “Isn’t it ironic that a school violence perpetrator is appearing on Netflix, which made the famous school violence drama ‘The Glory’?”, adding “I want A to apologize and promise that she would not appear in the media anymore. I won’t reveal her identity because I don’t want to ruin someone’s life”.

Source: wikitree

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