An famous actress’ boyfriend happened to be gay after 6 months of dating: The acting prodigy got shocked 

The actress was shocked and blamed herself after knowing everything.

As an acting prodigy, Kim Sung Eun has been a successful child actor since a very young age. However, as she matures, the actress’s name becomes more and more blurred and gradually sinks among the famous Korean beauties. Kim Sung Eun chose to study abroad, fulfilled her dream of writing and gradually left showbiz.

Most recently, the actress first appeared on the program “Golden Counseling Center” broadcasted on April 15th to share her journey of coping with hardships after a long period of leaving showbiz. Worth mentioning, the actress burst into tears while talking about her shocking love story: “I had a serious relationship with my boyfriend. I even planned to get married after 6 months of dating. He was a good guy and he really cared about me. However, I was shocked and hurt when I found out he was… gay.

kim sung eun
Kim Sung Eun was so shocked when she discovered the fact that her boyfriend is gay.

Moreover, Kim Sung Eun often feels bad and always blames herself for all the bad things that happened to her. Upon hearing Kim Sung Eun’s story, Dr. Oh Eun-young concluded that the female actress might be having serious “idiot syndrome”. Accordingly, people who have this syndrome tend to blame themselves for every fault. The doctor also explained that if this situation continued, Kim Sung Eun might develop depression.

kim sung eun
Dr. Oh Eun Young believed Kim Sung Eun might be having “idiot syndrome”, which can lead to depression.

Born in 1991, Kim Sung Eun rose to stardom after appearing in the drama “Soonpoong Clinic”. At that time, many people called Sung Eun a “genius actress” because of her excellent expressions. However, Kim Sung Eun later made no more hits. Even after acting in R-rated movies, she still couldn’t prove her presence in showbiz. 

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