Celebrity couples with surprisingly huge age gaps: So Ji-sub & Cho Eun-jung, Seo Tai-ji & Lee Eun-sung, etc

Below are famous couples in the Korean entertainment industry that once shocked netizens with their age differences.

There are many couples in the entertainment industry that have a relatively huge age difference. In particular, Im Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yan, who overcame the age gap of 18 years to end up getting married, recently drew keen attention as they joined SBS’s entertainment program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny” as a new destiny couple.

Then, which are other celebrity couples that surprised everyone with their huge age gap?

Im Chang-jung (49) – Seo Ha-yan (31)

Singer Im Chang-jung made headlines by announcing his remarriage with Seo Ha-yan, a former flight attendant and yoga instructor, in 2017. Im Chang-jung started dating Seo Ha-yan in May 2016. The two announced their marriage in November of the same year and delivered the news of Seo Ha-yan’s pregnancy before their wedding. Im Chang-jung, who had three sons with his ex-wife, held his fourth son in his arms in May 2017 and welcomed his youngest son in the following year. Im Chang-jung recently appeared on “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2” together with Seo Ha-yan and revealed their sweet love stories and how they decided to get married.

Lim Chang Jung

So Ji-sub (45) – Cho Eun-jung (28)

Actor So Ji-sub and former announcer Cho Eun-jung, the couple with a 17-year age gap, became a legally married couple after completing their marriage registration in April last year. The two, who confirmed their romantic relationship in 2019, proceeded with marriage based on love and trust for each other and quietly said their marriage pledge at a family meeting. At that time, So Ji-sub and Cho Eun-jung got praised by netizens for their decision to donate instead of holding a grand wedding ceremony. The two replaced their wedding with a donation of 50 million won to Good Neighbors to support tablets, PCs, and smart devices for disadvantaged children.

So Ji-sub (45) - Cho Eun-jung (28)

Seo Tai-ji (50) – Lee Eun-sung (34)

In 2013, singer Seo Tae-ji turned the whole entertainment industry upside down when he made a surprise announcement of his marriage to actress Lee Eun-sung, who is 16 years younger than him. Seo Tai-ji, who kept everything about his private life secret throughout his career in the entertainment industry, had such a great impact. Lee Eun-sung appeared in the music video for “Bermuda Triangle”, a song from Seo Tai-ji’s 8th album in 2008, and had been in contact with each other with good feelings since then. At the end of 2009, when each of them completed their official activities, they had been dating in earnest and developed into lovers step by step. In June of the same year, the two held a simple wedding ceremony with the participation of their family members. In August of the following year, their daughter was born.

Seo Tai-ji (50) - Lee Eun-sung (34)

Baek Jong-won (56) – So Yu-jin (41)

Foodservice businessman Baek Jong-won and actor So Yu-jin overcame the 15-year gap and got married in 2013, and they have one son and two daughters. After marrying So Yu-jin, Baek Jong-won has been active in a number of entertainment programs such as ‘My Little Television’, ‘Home Cooking Teacher Baek’, ‘Street Food Fighter’, ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, ‘The Square of Deliciousness’, and ‘Baek Jong-won Class’. So Yoo-jin is also actively communicating with her fans by not only appearing in various programs, but also constantly revealing the current situation with Baek Jong-won and her three children on SNS.

Baek Jong-won

Moon Hee-jun (44)♥ Soyul (31)

Moon Hee-jun and So-yul, who became a couple in 2017, drew attention as the first idol couple in the entertainment industry at the time of their marriage. Moon Hee-jun was from the 1st generation idol group H.O.T, and Soyul was a member of the 3rd generation idol group Crayon Pop who enjoyed great popularity with ‘Bar Bar Bar‘. The two of them met in earnest in 2016 and got married in 2017, and three months later, on May 12, they gave birth to a daughter at a very high speed. The two of them, with a 13-year age difference, also appeared on KBS2’s entertainment program ‘The Return of Superman‘ with their daughter, Hee-yul, and revealed their married life through broadcasting.

Moon Hee Jun
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