An “all-rounder” idol of K-pop’s 2nd generation who got accepted to both SM and YG

“A promising person stands out as a young child” – This saying is so true in the case of Gong Minzy, a member of the 2nd generation girl group 2NE1.

Appearing on the radio show hosted by Park Myung-soo last February, Gong Minzy was asked, “Did you pass any other company except for YG?”.

2ne1 Minzy

She answered, “Before joining YG, I auditioned for SM and they even told me, ‘Come here quickly’”, revealing that she might have become a member of f(x) if she stayed under SM.

Gong Minzy, who was originally prepared as a soloist at YG, debuted in the girl group 2NE1. The group later became one of the best K-pop idol groups and Gong Minzy was also recognized for her outstanding dancing talent as well as her stable vocal and rap skills.

Minzy (2NE1) CEO4

At the radio show, Gong Minzy also revealed that 2NE1 members had been meeting quite often and they were discussing a plan to do something together under CL’s leadership.

Minzy (2NE1) CEO2

Eventually, last week, Gong Minzy performed “I’m The Best” on the stage of the Coachella Music Festival in the U.S with all members of 2NE1.

All members of 2NE1 already left YG and they are currently under different agencies. Fans are looking forward to seeing them on Korean broadcasts and stages soon.

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