Zico and Park Shin Hye’s Husband Exchange 18+ Videos, Rate and Review Them

Even Zico and Choi Tae Joon Casually Boast About This on TV Show

Zico’s reputation has been declining due to scandals, including knowing about Jung Joon Young’s “golden phone” but not reporting it, and being shielded by his mother for violent behavior towards his girlfriend. The singer was also suspected of being the thief who broke into Goo Hara‘s house and stole her safe, prompting him to clarify and announce legal action.

Recently, Zico sparked controversy again when netizens dug up a clip from the show Celebrity Bromance from eight years ago. In it, Zico and actor Choi Tae Joon discussed their activities during their free time. When Choi Tae Joon mentioned not using a computer, Zico unexpectedly brought up sending “hot” clips for Park Shin Hye’s husband to watch: “So all the sexy clips you asked me to send were watched on your phone?” Choi Tae Joon replied, “Yes, but all the websites you sent crashed. You also used to comment and rate them.”

At the time of the show’s airing eight years ago, no one paid attention to this conversation. However, now both stars are being heavily criticized by netizens for discussing watching and rating explicit clips on television. Their characters are also being questioned by Korean netizens.

Before the Burning Sun scandal erupted, Chanyeol (EXO), Zico, Lee Jonghyun, Choi Tae Joon, and Jung Joon Young were often seen together. When the scandal was exposed in 2019, the public suspected Choi Tae Joon of being involved.

Choi Tae Joon-Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Joon Young
Choi Tae Joon-Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Joon Young

The suspicion arose because he suddenly left the cast of Hotel Del Luna, despite having completed the script reading. This was a major project featuring national idol IU, so participating in the drama was a great opportunity for Choi Tae Joon to change his career. However, he left at the last minute. Many speculated that his departure was due to his association with Jung Joon Young and Burning Sun, which could negatively affect the drama’s reputation.

At the time, tvN had to speak up to defend Choi Tae Joon. The broadcaster explained that Park Shin Hye’s husband left the project due to differences in the direction of the drama and the character’s personality. However, this explanation was not very convincing, given that Choi Tae Joon had attended the script reading and met with the production team, which had to quickly find a replacement. Eventually, Park Shin Hye’s husband was not included in the police investigation list, so suspicions about his involvement in Burning Sun gradually subsided.

In 2016, Zico revealed on Radio Star that Jung Joon Young had a “golden phone” used only for the KakaoTalk messaging app: “He has a golden phone. It’s not an ordinary phone. He only uses it for KakaoTalk. He has many phone numbers on it.” Jung Joon Young added that every time Zico visited his house, he would insist on borrowing the “golden phone” and would lay on the bed using it naturally.

In 2019, Jung Joon Young was arrested with the golden phone containing many clips documenting rape and hidden camera incidents. Netizens criticized Zico for being aware of the phone’s existence, knowing about his friend’s crimes but remaining silent. Amidst the backlash, Zico repeatedly denied the accusations.

When BBC’s documentary was released, this issue resurfaced, with many demanding authorities investigate Zico. However, there was never any investigation proving Zico’s involvement in the case. Some people believed that the phone Zico mentioned did not contain any videos, but only phone numbers of many celebrities, which is why the idol found it interesting.


Netizens also dug up an old post from 2008, showing Zico’s mother condoning her son’s verbal abuse and violent behavior towards his girlfriend. Specifically, in 2008, Zico’s mother posted a photo with her son and his homeroom teacher: “Not long ago, I heard he was caught swearing at the school’s top student (according to him, she is a **** ***) and kicked her desk. The homeroom teacher glimpsed his typical hot temper… Haha. It seems his actions hurt the teacher’s feelings, so she is still somewhat uncomfortable. Jiho, you should apologize and tell the teacher that what you did was wrong. However, I think you were right to teach that **** *** a lesson. LOL. Maybe I don’t seem like a mother, but whatever.”

Recently, Zico was suspected of being the thief who broke into Goo Hara’s house. On the investigation program Unanswered Questions, the production team released a sketch of the thief who broke into Goo Hara’s house. The incident occurred on January 14, 2020, but the police have yet to find the thief.

After the show aired, some netizens unexpectedly named Zico due to physical similarities with the thief. The rumor quickly spread, affecting Zico’s image. On the morning of June 24, Zico’s management company denied the rumor and announced legal action against the spread of false information and malicious comments.

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