An actress has been selected as an Gucci’s ambassador, following Kai (EXO), IU and Lee Jung-jae

Among four of them, there are 3 global ambassadors and 1 Korean ambassador.

Following EXO Kai, singer IU and actor Lee Jung-jae, Gucci has recently selected an actress as another global ambassador. That actress is Shin Min-ah.

The Italian luxury brand Gucci announced Shin Min-ah as their new global ambassador on November 11th. Regarding the reason for choosing Shin Min-ah as an ambassador, Gucci said, “Her belief in pursuing diversity, unique style, elegance and respecting her self-expression go well with the philosophy of Gucci” Gucci talked to Shin Min-ah about the aesthetics of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and expressed high expectations for their new journey together in the future.

Earlier, Shin Min-ah gained huge interest and love from netizens after playing Yoon Hye-jin in tvN’s drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, which ended not long ago. Through this series, Shin Min-ah once again showed off her lovely charms and proved herself as a “queen of rom-coms”.

Meanwhile, Gucci now has four Korean celebrities model for them as their global ambassadors and one Korean ambassador. Gucci selected Kai as their global ambassador in 2019 and announced IU as their Korean ambassador in the same year. Following Kai and IU, Lee Jung-jae and Shin Min-ah were introduced on November 11th.

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