“Alchemy of Souls” Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung flaunt sweet couple photos, explosive reactions entail

The close relationship of Go Yoon Jung and Lee Jae Wook, who are appearing in the K-drama “Alchemy of Souls”, is drawing attention.

On December 23rd, Lee Jae Wook published on Instagram several photos taken with Go Yoon Jung, his co-star from the ongoing K-drama “Alchemy of Souls”. Under the post, Go Yoon Jung left a comment saying, “I’m not as tall as you”, to which Lee Jae Wook teased her for being “a bit pouty”. 

lee jae wook go youn jung instagram

Seeing the two’s sweet interactions, netizens left comments such as, “They are so cute”, “Lee Jae Wook is guilty for being so cute”, and “They are the same age, so they become close quickly.” 

lee jae wook go youn jung instagram

Previously on December 21st, Go Yoon Jung also posted several couple photos taken with Lee Jae Wook, to which the actor left a comment saying, “You really uploaded it generously.” 

lee jae wook go youn jung instagram

In response, Go Yoon Jung expressed her joy with an emoticon, and Lee Jae Wook responded “You’re cute,” and thrilled the fans of “Alchemy of Souls”.

lee jae wook go youn jung instagram

Meanwhile, Go Yoon Jung and Lee Jae Wook are appearing together in the tvN drama “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”, which is the sequel to “Alchemy of Souls”. The drama is a fantasy romance based in a fictional nation, and introduces a dangerous soul-changing magic alongside various political conflicts. 

go yoon jung lee jae wook alchemy of souls

Source: wikitree, theqoo

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