AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk Enjoys Sweet Date With Mom, “There’s No Face Genius In Our Family”

AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk goes on a date with his mother in Yeonnam-dong

MBC’s “I Live Alone” broadcast on September 29th will reveal Lee Chan-hyuk as an affectionate son on a date with his mother.

Lee Chan-hyuk shared, “Today, I’m going to have a date with my dad’s woman. She’s my mom, Mrs. Joo, in Yeonnam-dong.” Lee Chan-hyuk draws attention as he resembles his mother so much. The two walk together and share various moments in the hot summer.

Revealing that his mother’s only hobby was “decorating diaries”, Lee Chan-hyuk visits a stationery shop together to make his mother happy. Discovering a good that looks like Lee Soo-hyun, Lee Chan-hyuk’s younger sister and AKMU member, Lee Chan-hyuk playfully says, “Look, that’s her?”.

Lee Chan-hyuk

While looking at stickers full of funny comments, Lee Chan-hyuk’s mother says, “There’s no face genius in our family”, making Lee Chan-hyuk go speechless. Lee Chan-hyuk calculates all the stationery items, such as stickers and masking tapes, his mother chooses and shows his side as a good son by paying for them all.

Lee Chan-hyuk then tells his mother, “Dad fell in love with Mom because of her dance…”. As Lee Chan-hyuk’s mother looks surprised, viewers are also curious about whether their hidden love story will be revealed.

Lee Chan-hyuk and his mother also become the main characters of caricature painting. They sit side by side in front of the artist and smile awkwardly. Lee Chan-hyuk’s mother brags about her son, saying “I gave birth to him!”. Expectations are high on how the caricature work of the two will be completed.

Lee Chan-hyuk’s sweet date with his mother can be seen on “I Live Alone” broadcast on September 29th.

Source: Daum

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