Agency Drops New Photos to Celebrate Hyun Bin’s 42nd Birthday, Fans Are Stunned by His Visuals 

After becoming a father, Hyun Bin seems to have become even more handsome 

Today (September 25) is the 42nd birthday of Hyun Bin. Fans of Hyun Bin worldwide have been sending him birthday wishes. Hyun Bin’s name also appeared at the top trending on Twitter.

To celebrate his birthday, VAST Entertainment, the management company of Hyun Bin, released previously unreleased photos of the actor from his recent business trip to Switzerland.

hyun bin
Hyun Bin officially turned 42 today (September 25)

In this series of photos, Hyun Bin boasts his stunning physique. Despite wearing a simple all-black sweatshirt and matching pants, Hyun Bin’s charisma and elegant aura still impress.

Under VAST Entertainment’s post, many Hyun Bin’s fans have left comments congratulating him on his birthday. Many comments express admiration for Hyun Bin’s handsome appearance at the age of 42. 

hyun bin
Whenever Hyun Bin appears, he creates a buzz on social media.
hyun bin
At the age of 42, Hyun Bin’s appearance never fails to stun

Born in 1981, Hyun Bin is one of the top actors in the Korean entertainment industry. Despite having been active for 20 years, Hyun Bin has consistently maintained both his acting skills and his physical appearance. His enviable personal life and fairytale-like romance with his wife, Son Ye Jin, has further elevated his reputation.

Source: K14

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