Agency CEO praises the personality of actress Jung Chae Yul when she was alive

CEO of the late model-turned-actress Jung Chae Yul’s agency expressed their devastated heart.

In an interview with OSEN on April 11th, Lee Soo Haeng, CEO of Management S, confessed his despair over the death of actress Jung Chae Yul.

During the interview, CEO Lee Said, “Our Chae Yul was very hardworking. She was a deep-hearted and cool friend. In my opinion, it is hard to describe in words how amazing she was as an actress.”

Jung Chaeyul

Shocked by the sudden heartbreaking news, the CEO reportedly couldn’t stop crying throughout the phone interview. CEO Lee felt greatly regretful because Jung Chae Yul was right ahead of making a leap forward as an actress after signing an exclusive contract with the company.

Management S revealed that Jung Chae Yul was found dead at her residence earlier today (April 11th). She died at the age of 26.

According to Joy News24, Jung Chae Yul’s funeral will be held quietly and privately according to the wishes of her family. There will be no articles or interviews with mourners.

The late actress was in the middle of filming for the new web novel-based drama “Wedding Impossible”. In this regard, the drama production team stated, “We would like to send our condolences to the deceased. Future filming schedules are under internal discussion”.

On the day before her death, Jung Chae Yul shared a video of herself on the set of a photoshoot on her SNS account with a positive comment, saying “Let’s smile”. The video shows the late actress happily enjoying the photoshoot without showing signs of tiredness and exhaustion. 

Jung Chaeyul

She had been actively communicating with fans through SNS. On April 4th, she even opened a personal blog. The first article on her blog contains daily life photos revealing his bright and cheerful personality.

Jung Chae Yul appeared on the model survival program “Devil’s Runway” in 2016 and began to make her face known to the public. Later, she starred in the 2018 movie “Deep” and showed a new image as an actress.

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