After the Itaewon disaster, the current “wave of hatred” with rumors and malicious comments is even more disastrous… Yoo Ah-in → Han Hye-jin suffer indiscriminate attacks

Following the Itaewon crush disaster, indiscriminate speculations and criticism are spreading, causing innocent stars, such as actor Yoo Ah-in and model Han Hye-jin, to suffer damages.

To explain rumors surrounding them, BJ Kei and BJ Seya spoke up early on October 30th. They said, “Even in such a sad situation, we saw speculative comments about us through online posts. Many people are making comments saying that the accident occurred when people gathered because of famous people like us. The spread of false information was so severe that AfreecaTV even asked us to tell them the exact details and informed all the routes and times we had been yesterday. We didn’t visit any place after dressing up and couldn’t even move anywhere. We quickly left Itaewon after judging that we could not do broadcasts there.”

Itaewon stampede

Nevertheless, online rumors centering on celebrities as the cause of the accident have not cooled down, and suspicions have spread to the point that some random names have been called out. Such rumors even surrounded actor Yoo Ah-in, who already left Korea that day. 

In the end, Yoo Ah-in’s agency UAA (United Artists Agency) released an official position through My Daily on the afternoon of November 1st, saying “Rumors are not true at all”. They explained, “Yoo Ah-in already left Korea on October 29th and is currently staying abroad.”

Yoo Ah-in

Apart from Yoo Ah-in, model Han Hye-jin and Youtuber Yookkaennip were also caught up in online discussions out of a sudden. The two were targetted by haters for updating their recent status on Instagram.

On October 29th, Han Hye-jin posted a photo of her doing exercises on SNS. “In this situation, pictures like this one should be criticized” –  this malicious comment can be found under her post. In response to the malicious commenter, netizens said, “What’s wrong? It’s just a photo taken while she was working out, what does it matter to you? Why are you criticizing her?”, “I came here after reading the article. There’s such a comment”, “When why are you using Instagram during the mourning period? You should feel embarrassed while writing that comment. Don’t live a pathetic life”, “This photo was posted before the accident then why did you write such a comment? It’s not that you are young and reckless, I guess you have nothing to do as you get older. Every time you want to write comments like that, just remember this situation”, “You’re saying nonsense even in a post that was uploaded before the disaster”, etc.

On October 31st, Youtuber Yookkaennip revealed a picture of her daughter on Instagram and also received an absurdly malicious comment, saying “You’re even posting a Halloween concept photo in this situation?”. 

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