“After LIKE” came across uneven line distribution situation

Starship received criticisms for lack of uneven line distribution for IVE’s “After LIKE”. 

IVE made a comeback with “After LIKE”. (Image: YouTube Starship – screenshot)

On August 22nd, IVE officially released their third single “After LIKE” and garnered major public attention from the audience. Following the success of “ELEVEN” and “LOVE DIVE”, fans expected this song to be IVE’s next hit. 

“After LIKE” was expected to be IVE’s  new hit. (Image: YouTube StarshipTV – screenshot) 

Wonyoung continued to receive much spotlight in this comeback, possessing the most lines with 30.15 seconds. The female idol was in charge of many highlighted parts of the song such as the chorus. 

ive line distribution
Line distribution proportion in “After LIKE”. (Image: YouTube random_k – screenshot) 
Wonyoung was in charge of the most lines in “After LIKE”. (Image: YouTube StarshipTV  – screenshot)

While Wonyoung is a promising star, fans believed other members should also get the chance to show their abilities. 

Wonyoung in her solo part. (Image: YouTube starshipTV – screenshot)
ive wonyoung
The idol at a music show for their live stage. (Image: Pinterest)
ive wonyoung
Wonyoung just recently got back the audiences’ affection. (Image: Kpopping) 

Meanwhile, Liz took the next-to-last spot with 17.82 seconds despite her soothing and capable vocals. She also had little screentime in the video. 

Liz was not given many lines although she has capable vocals in IVE. (Image: YouTube StarshipTV – screenshot) 

Liz is fixed as the main vocalist in IVE and has countless times made a lasting impression for her singing abilities. More notably, in her debut, she was  praised for a youthful look and an attention-grabbing blonde hair. 

The female idol was highly regarded from her looks to singing voice. (Image: Starship Entertainment) 

Lately, Liz dyed her hair black and added some weight to herself. However, the vocalist still keeps a consistent stage performance, gaining praise from fans. 

The female idol dyed her hair black and gained some weight. (Image: Pinterest) 
Fans firmly believed Liz’s weight had nothing to do with her talent. (Image: Starship Entertainment) 

This is, unfortunately, not the first time that IVE got into a controversy about the lack of proper care for all members. Outfit looks also become a problem when one member looks different from the rest of the group, making the group less coherent. 

Fans are calling out Starship for more even line distribution.

While IVE has been out to the public for not too long, the group has already come across another issue concerning line distribution. Fans are calling out Starship Entertainment for a more even line distribution so that all members can showcase their talents. 

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