After Jessi and HyunA, Kwon Eunbi and Arin emerge as new “Waterbomb Goddesses”

The music festival “Waterbomb”, where various female stars flaunt their sexy transformations, has become the talk of town.

At the famous music festival “Waterbomb”, audiences get to enjoy music performances while getting soaked by cool water bombs from large equipment. It’s a summer event where only adults over the age of 18 can participate, so artists who perform often opt for relatively light and revealing outfits to captivate the audience.


Among those who earn the title of “Waterbomb goddesses”, the pioneers are undoubtedly rapper Jessi and former 4Minute member HyunA. Particularly, Jessi drew attention in 2018, when she wore a black bikini with a mesh-like one-piece dress, which accentuates her outstanding curves. The following year, she matched an orange bikini top with 3/4-length cargo pants. Meanwhile, HyunA’s outfits have also been the talk of the town. In 2017, she donned a tight white tank top with hot denim shorts, exuding confidence and charisma on stage. 

Both artists consistently impress with their stylish attire, making them sought-after guests at “Waterbomb” festivals every year.


In addition, Sunmi previously drew attention at “Waterbomb” by wearing a Gucci one-piece swimsuit, whilst Mamamoo Hwasa and TWICE Sana later donned the same item.

Other female idols, who are normally known for their innocent image, have also taken on the challenge to participate in the “Waterbomb” with stunning transformations. At the “2023 Waterbomb Seoul” event held from the 23rd to 25th of June, girl groups such as aespa, Oh My Girl, and STAYC showcased various eye-catching outfits.


Oh My Girl, in particular, drew attention with their coordinated white tops, denim cargo pants, and denim mini skirts. Arin, who presented a refreshing denim-on-denim look, gained significant popularity on various online communities.

kwon eun bi

Meanwhile, former IZ*ONE member turned solo artist, Kwon Eunbi, emerged as a new “Waterbomb goddess” this year. At the festival, she flaunted her sensual figure in a checkered bikini top, an ivory-toned see-through cardigan, and a white mini skirt.

Thanks to the popularity of “Waterbomb”, similar water play festivals have been popping up rapidly recently. As a result, singers also view performing on these stages as a measure of popularity.

Regarding such a trend, a music industry insider stated, “Outdoor water play festivals vary in audience size and response. Over the past two and a half years, with COVID-19 preventing performances, audiences yearned for events, where they can feel the enthusiasm”. The insider also added, “Now, singers are aware of the significance of these stages, and as a result, they are enhancing the completeness of their outfits and stage performances.”

Source: Daum

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