GOT7 fans are angry after being treated like criminals, JYP has to apologize

The situation infuriates and upsets many GOT7’s fans.

On May 20th, GOT7 is officially back to the K-Pop scene with “ECLIPSE” and the album “Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity”. GOT7 was scheduled for an album fansign on May 25th. However, one unusual thing about this fansign is that all kind of handshake or hi-touch between fans and GOT7 were banned.

All kind of handshake or hi-touch between fans and GOT7 were banned by JYP at GOT7’s latest fansign.

JYP’s sudden ban confused and infuriated Ahgase. They even felt that JYP was treating them like criminals when behind GOT7 there were bodyguards who upset fans with their dull impression.

Fan and Jinyoung high-fived through air

Don’t want to stand still and let JYP do what they want, GOT7 fan community in Sough Korea as well as international fanbase are voicing out their anger to demand an apology from JYP. The agency did apologize but without any explanation about the handshake and hi-touch ban during fansign which complicated everything up. JYP announced that they will arrange another fansign on June 22th and hope that fans will have a better experience with GOT7.

Poor GOT7, not only them but also their fan is being treated unfairly by JYP

Source: Kenh14

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