After IU and Lee Jong-suk admitted to being in a relationship, malicious commenters rushed to IU’s ex – Jang Ki-ha’s Instagram

While IU and Lee Jong-suk confirmed their relationship, malicious commenters flocked to Jang Ki-ha’s SNS, much to the surprise of many.

On the 31st of last month, Jang Ki-ha performed at the SBS ‘Entertainment Awards’ and gave a congratulatory performance.


Coincidentally, his performance of the songs ‘I’m not envious’ and ‘Happy New Year’ drew attention after IU and Lee Jong-suk’s dating rumor broke out.

On this day, numerous malicious commenters visited Jang Ki-ha’s SNS and left comments such as “What should I do” and “Have you seen IU’s dating rumors?”, drawing anger from his fans. Some even commented blatantly, such as “IU and Lee Jong-suk are dating.”


IU and Jang Ki-ha had a public relationship from 2013 to 2017. They made their breakup official through their agency, saying, “The two of them naturally drifted apart while working hard on their own work, and recently decided to remain as good senior and junior.”

Although the two have broken up for many years, fans of both Jang Ki-ha and IU cannot hide their displeasure at the constant comments of malicious people on Jang Ki-ha’s Instagram.

Source: Insight

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