Actors flustered when Shin Dong Yeop dropped and broke the Daesang trophy in half at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards

Shin Dong Yeop shocked the Daesang (Grand Prize) nominees at this year’s SBS Drama Awards as he dropped the trophy. 

The 2022 SBS Drama Awards aired live on the evening of December 31st. Shin Dong Yeop, Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong hosted the event.

In the second part of the awards ceremony, a video that introduced Daesang nominees in an interesting way was released, drawing laughter. Kim Ji Eun and Park Jin Woo, who worked together in “One Dollar Lawyer” met all the Daesang nominees in the process of investigating the ‘Daesang trophy theft case’.


The nominees for Daesang revealed through the video were Kim Rae Won, Seo Hyun jin, Lee Joon Gi, Kim Nam Gil, and Nam Goong Min. After the video ended, MC Shin Dong Yeop said, “I’m the one who stole the Daesang trophy. I have several trophies at the Entertainment Awards, so I wonder how amazing it would be to have a Drama Awards’ Daesang trophy in my house. I stole it without permission. The production team gave me the trophy to deliver to the winner that will be introduced later, so I was just going to taste it”. He then took out the Daesang trophy and shook it.

However, at that time, the trophy fell on the ground and broke in half, causing everyone to be in great shock. Daesang candidates Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Nam Gil looked confused because of the sudden situation.


Shin Dong Yeop then explained, “I dropped it on purpose. This trophy is a prop, and the real one that will be delivered to the winner after a while is well-preserved. The person who frowned the most when I dropped it is definitely confident that they would win Daesang.”

He continued, “Seo Hyun Jin is a nice person, but for a moment, she looked at me with an expression as if she was asking  ‘Isn’t he crazy?’. Nam Goong Min’s eyes also shone at that moment. Lee Joon Gi is here to enjoy himself but he was also startled. Seems like Kim Nam Gil also glared at me. I want the viewers to guess who will proudly stand here. I will deliver the real Daesang trophy to that person in a little while”.

Source: Daum

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