Super Junior Shin Dong is dating a former-trainee, has no plans for marriage

Shin Dong (Super Junior) is dating an industry outsider who is younger than him. 

According to the entertainment industry, Shin Dong is dating a woman who is younger than him. The woman was once a trainee at an entertainment company, but now she is an ordinary person whose work is not involved with the scene.


Super Junior’s agency Label SJ also confirmed the relationship between Shin Dong and the woman and said, “The two are cheering for each other and silently building their love.”

At 37, fans are wondering if Shin Dong plans on getting married soon. In Super Junior, only Sungmin is married to musical actor and beauty creator Kim Sa-eun in 2014 while the others, including Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, and Yesung, are single. Ryeowook has been dating Ari (former TAHITI) for three years. On this matter, the Label SJ said that, “The two are dating, but there is no plan for marriage.”


In 2005, Shin Dong participated in the 9th “SM Best Youth Contest” and won ‘Best Comedian,’ achieving the Grand Prize. He initially wanted to be a comedian, but made his debut in Super Junior in November 2005 at the recommendation of the management. He helped create a friendly “entertainment idol” Super Junior image with his jolly image and wits. He is currently active in JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” “Buddy Boys,” and STATV’s “Idol League Season 4.”

 Shin Dong has also directed music videos for Super Junior, the UN, Muzie, SHINee and Park Koon. He was also in charge of the videos for Super Junior’s live concert “Super Show.”

Source: Nate

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