Supposed to be in self-reflection after drunk driving, Kim Sae-ron still appears in “Kiss Sixth Sense”

Actress Kim Sae-ron, who caused a stir last month after being caught drunk driving, appeared in “Kiss Sixth Sense.”

Kim Sae-ron, who is currently reflecting on herself after the drunk driving accident, appeared in the 9th episode of the Disney+ original drama “Kiss Sixth Sense,” which was released on Jun 21st. In the drama, She appeared as a character in the movie “Haru” directed by the movie director character Lee Pil-yo (played by Kim Ji-seok) and worked with Lee Jae-wook as lovers. The main character, Hong Ye-sul (Seo Ji-hye), appeared in the scene as an audience watching the movie “Haru”.

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Kim Sae-ron appears very briefly. However, Hong Ye-sul, the main character, was triggered to recall the past, regret it, and have the courage to accept a new love due to this movie and Kim Sae-ron’s character, which means her role has a lot of impact.

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Even though Kim Sae-ron’s appearance is short, but it is enough to break the audience’s immersion in the drama as she appeared only a month after causing a big stir due to her drunk driving incident. Even if it is pre-produced and an important scene that cannot be deleted due to the story development, people still wonder whether it is a scene that has to be aired despite how it will hinder viewers’ immersion and cause inconvenience. Kim Sae-ron’s appearance on “Kiss Sixth Sense” does not seem to be a simple problem, as there is a rumor that she will return to the movie scene at the end of this year.

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Meanwhile, Kim Sae-ron crashed into a few public facilities while driving in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on May 18th. At the time of driving, Kim Sae-ron was found to have been under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.2%. Kim Sae-ron then dropped out of the SBS drama “Trolley,” in which she was scheduled to appear, and is reportedly discussing whether to be edited out of the Netflix series “Bloodhounds.”

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