aespa’s pretty visuals and fair skin shine in a photo taken with Camila Cabello and Anitta at Coachella

aespa shared the same frame with Camila Cabello and Anitta.

aespa recently became the 3rd K-pop girl group in history after BLACKPINK and 2NE1 to ever perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in California. 


aespa killed their Coachella debut stage with performances of hits including Black Mamba, Next Level, Savage and the never-before-released song Life’s Too Short.

aespa’s performance at Coachella
aespa heat up the stage at Coachella
aespa’s first live stage at America’s largest music festival is drawing attention 

A day before their performance, aespa also appeared in the audience of Coachella and took photos with famous Western artists. A photo of aespa next to American singer Camila Cabello and Brazilian singer Anitta has especially gained netizens’ attention. aespa members stand out in the photo with their shining beauty and fair skin. 

aespa with Camila Cabello and Anitta

Some netizens’ comments 

  • Karina is the prettiest here
  • Is NingNing being shy next to Camila? 
  • Wow, aespa members are all so fair. They are literally shining. 
  • aespa is glowing 
  • Karina is a huge fan of Camila. She must be the happiest. 
  • Too many visuals in one photo. 


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