aespa’s Ningning got into controversies again as she came back on Bubble, but this time she is supported 

aespa’s Ningning created a heated debate on online communities.

On February 24th, aespa’s Ningning sent a message to fans on Bubble, saying, “I missed you” (both in Korean and Chinese) and “Goodnight” (in Chinese).

aespa Ningnin Bubble

The idol immediately became the center of attention on many forums as many criticized her for using Chinese on a Korean app, while some think she was simply trying to communicate with Chinese fans on the app.

aespa Ningnin Bubble

Previously, Ning Ning received much criticism from Korean netizens for praising Chinese athletes in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics amid speculations regarding the Chinese team cheated and received biased treatment.

aespa Ningnin Bubble

Knetizens took out their anger on the youngest member of the aespa as an act of fighting for the Korean team. Originally, the image of Chinese-born idols was not good in the eyes of Koreans, and now it’s even worse after the Ningning scandal.

aespa Ningnin Bubble
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