aespa’s Karina Stuns with Hair Transformation: From Blonde to Black, Becomes a Cool Beauty

aespa member Karina has unveiled a new hairstyle.

On May 21st, aespa appeared on SBS’s “Inkigayo” and performed their latest title track “Spicy.” In particular, Karina surprised fans by appearing with long black hair.

After debuting her blonde hair for the “Spicy” promotions, this was the first time Karina went back to black hair in about a month.

With her black hair, Karina showcased her fair skin and glamorous facial features, stunning everyone with her visuals. 

Attending Yonsei University’s festival the previous day with blonde hair, Karina received an explosive reaction from fans when she appeared with black hair just one day later.


Many expressed reactions such as “She’s a total cool beauty with black hair” and “Karina is definitely suited for black hair.

Some fans expressed their regret through comments such as “It would have been nice if she had kept the blonde hair a little longer” and “I wanted to see the blonde hair more, so it’s a bit regrettable.”

Earlier, Karina explained the reason why she went blonde, “I always had dark hair, so I wanted to make a big change for the summer.


When asked which hair color she prefers between black and blonde, Karina firmly said, “I don’t think I’ll go blonde again. This will be the last time.

Karina explained, “(Having blonde hair) damaged my hair a lot, and every time I washed it, it felt like I was touching a burnt sparrow.

Source: insight. 

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