aespa Karina drew admiration for her visuals in school uniform on the way to “Knowing Bros” recording

aespa member Karina showed off her legendary beauty on the way to the recording of JTBC’s program “Knowing Bros”.

On June 1st, Karina and aespa members appeared at JTBC Studio in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do to record JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”.


Karina flaunted her Barbie-like visual with her surreal beautiful face and superior long legs, looking like it was created with CG effects. She showed a shy eye smile while doing various poses, fluttering the hearts of fans.

The photo time was short, but Karina brightened up the atmosphere around her. She once again impressed reporters with her professionalism by greeting everyone enthusiastically before leaving.

Seeing Karina’s appearance on the way to work that day, fans reacted, “Even the press photos could be made into pictorials”, “She really has mannequin-like body proportions”, “As expected, aespa is the top girl group of the 4th generation”, “She was on her way to work but she looked like a high-teen female character”, etc.

Meanwhile, aespa has been actively doing promotion for their third mini album “MY WORLD”, which was released in May.


With this comeback, aespa will appear on “Knowing Bros” for the first time after two years. Unfortunately, aespa couldn’t make their appearance as a whole group because member Giselle was absent from the schedule due to poor health conditions.

JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” airs every Saturday at 8:50 p.m.

Source: Insight

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