aespa Becomes Fastest Overseas Artist to Hold Tokyo Dome Concert

Aespa announced their first Tokyo Dome concert during their first Japan tour, becoming the fastest overseas artist to do so.

On the 1st, the 4-member Korean girl group, aespa, held their first Japan tour Tokyo concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium and announced that they will perform at Tokyo Dome for the group’s first time on August 5th and 6th.


Despite not having made their debut in Japan, the group’s announcement of a Tokyo Dome concert just two years and nine months after their debut (November 2020), makes them the fastest overseas artists to do so.

During the encore with about 12,000 fans in attendance, Karina exclaimed, “We, aespa, will perform for two days at Tokyo Dome on August 5th and 6th!!” When the details were announced on the giant screen, the arena was filled with deafening cheers.

Winter expressed gratitude, “Thanks to the support of MY-J (the fandom’s name in Japan),” and blushed, “It’s not a lie, even though today is April Fools’ Day.”


Aespa, a four-member group from Korea, is known for its unique concept based on a virtual world, with sophisticated looks, high-level dance performances, and innovative music. They swept all the rookie awards at major Korean music awards shows. In 2021, they gained global attention with their song “Next Level”, a remake of the soundtrack for the American movie “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw”, and they also boast 10.23 million followers on Instagram.


In Japan, they held their first event in Yokohama in August of last year, where they attracted 40,000 attendees over two days and demonstrated their popularity with about 920,000 applicants.

On the first day of their two-day Tokyo concert, Ninnin (20) shouted, “What’s up Tokyo!?” and Giselle also shouted, “Tokyo, are you ready!?” before the group performed 25 songs including their representative song “Girls” and their hit song “Savage”.

Source: livedoor

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