Jang Moon-bok regrets appearing on “Superstar K”… “My deceased mother was also cursed harshly because of me”

Rapper Jang Moon-bok confessed that his mother had been cursed harshly because of him before she passed away.

Limitless Jang Moon-bok appeared on Channel S’ “Attack on Grandma”, which aired on June 21st, to talk about his concerns.

Jang Moon-bok

Previously, Jang Moon-bok was nicknamed “Hip-hop President” after appearing on Mnet’s “Superstar K2” and performing a rap with his distinctive vocalization. However, this nickname came out with the intention of mocking Jang Moon-bok. Jang Moon-bok said he had been ignored by many people after appearing on the show at that time.

Jang Moon-bok

Jang Moon-bok, who started rapping simply because he liked music, confessed his deep feelings, saying, “I regretted my appearance due to the pouring disregard after the broadcast. I didn’t want to do music at that moment.”

Jang Moon-bok

He said that his mother was also hurt because of him. Jang Moon-bok went on to say, “I don’t know how they got my house’s number. My mom received a call, and suddenly they cursed my mom harshly over the phone.”

Jang Moon-bok

In fact, Jang Moon-bok’s mother died of ovarian cancer 3 years ago. Jang Moon-bok shed the tears he had been holding back, “My mom was only worried about me until just before her death. I don’t think I’ve ever heard compliments from my mom, but later I found out that she was very proud of me.”

Jang Moon-bok made everyone emotional as he added, “Looking back on the past, I wanted to become a son that she could be proud of, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t. I’m sorry that we couldn’t make more memories when we were together.”

Jang Moon-bok

MC Kim Young-ok comforted him, “Life isn’t what we want it to be without waiting.”

Meanwhile, Jang Moon-bok, who made his face and name known through “Superstar K2”, later appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017 as well as debuted under group Limitless in 2019.

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