Actress Kim Hye Soo draws admiration with her action of promoting fellow actors on her SNS account

Kim Hye Soo is using SNS to introduce her colleagues to the public.

Actress Kim Hye Soo is starring in tvN’s “The Queen’s Umbrella”, which has aired since October 15th. In the drama, she plays the role of Queen Im Hwa Ryeong, who is always worried about her troublemaker sons.

kim hye soo

Kim Hye Soo has also been active on SNS by uploading behind-the-scenes photos even before the drama’s official broadcast. In particular, she uses her SNS to promote her fellow actors.

On November 15th, Kim Hye Soo posted on her SNS account photos of “The Queen’s Umbrella” actresses, including Oh Ye Ju (as Yoon Cheong Ha), Park Jun Myeon (as Court Lady Shin), and Yoo Yeon (as Court Lady Oh). She even added the actresses’ real names and the names of their characters in the caption.

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Kim Hye Soo is actively taking advantage of her SNS to introduce her colleagues to the public. She released pictures of actors who play “The Queen’s Umbrella” princes, tagged their SNS accounts, mentioned all their character names, and left affectionate messages for them. Those who play supporting and minor characters also appear on Kim Hye Soo’s SNS feed.

In fact, the actress has been using her SNS that way since before. During the time when Netflix’s original series “Juvenile Justice” aired, she also posted photos of supporting and minor role actors to promote them. Kim Hye Soo is sincerely promoting her fellow actors to the extent that people can hardly find pictures of herself on her own SNS. 

juvenile justice

Kim Hye Soo is famous as a great actress who is always kind and considerate toward her fellow actors and staff. She takes good care of everyone, even those who play minor roles.

In addition, a person who used to work as the youngest staff for a program starring Kim Hye Soo also revealed a touching story about Kim Hye Soo’s kindhearted personality on a radio show and expressed their gratitude. Accordingly, this staff broke their teeth while working and Kim Hye Soo paid all the hospital bills through her manager. 

kim hye soo

Source: Nate

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