Actors are not the only ones to receive awards – a behind story to prove that “The Red Sleeve” is so different from other dramas

“The Red Sleeve” is a successful drama that remained so extraordinary until the end.

Youtuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded the video titled, “Lee Jun-ho’s great manner that I need to talk about… The reason ‘The Red Sleeve’ touched my heart until the end”, on his channel “President of Entertainment” on January 1st.

lee junho

The Youtuber mentioned singer-actor Lee Jun-ho, who has recently received good reviews for playing the role of Yi San in MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve”. Lee Jun-ho won Top Excellence Award at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards, which aired on December 30th.

Youtuber Lee Jin-ho complimented actor Lee Junho, saying, “Idol-turned actors normally don’t want to reveal their past. However, Lee Jun-ho said this at the awards ceremony – “I’m from 2PM’. When actor Nam Goong-min was announced to receive the Daesang, Lee Jun-ho stood up and came to congratulate Nam Goong-min until he went up the stage.”

lee junho

The Youtuber also delivered a story about the finale of “The Red Sleeve”. Accordingly, the actors and staff of “The Red Sleeve” had spent a really special time at the drama wrap party. It is said that the production team and the staff who had done their best in their own positions, were given some “special awards”.

lee junho

These awards were also named with each person’s talent and contribution, such as ‘You made everything^^’ Award or ‘ASMR’ Award.

lee junho

Considering that the spotlight of year-end awards ceremonies is usually focused on actors, this story about the hard work of staff, who had completed all tasks in their own places that cannot be seen, getting acknowledged gave such a warm impression.

lee junho
lee junho lee se-young


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