MBC President kept his promise to give the cast and staff of “The Red Sleeve” overseas trips

MBC President Park Seong-jae announced that he would keep the ratings promise for “The Red Sleeve”.

While the final episode of MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve“, which aired on Jan 1st, recorded 17.4%, MBC President Park Seong-jae said on Jan 2nd, “As the president, I’m grateful to be able to present a great drama to viewers. It is difficult to travel abroad now, so we will fulfill our promise by adding options such as travel vouchers so that the production team as well as the cast can travel around Korea or travel abroad later.”

the red sleeve

At the press conference of “The Red Sleeve” held on November 11, President Park Sung-jae promised to give all of the cast and staff an overseas trip if the viewer rating surpassed 15%. After that, Lee Joon-ho and Lee Se-young have also mentioned the MBC CEO’s 15% rating promise on the radio broadcast of “Hope Song at noon.

The Red Sleeve” started with 5.7% nationwide ratings and surpassed double-digit ratings in four weeks, ending at 17.4% nationwide thanks to enthusiastic favorable reviews from viewers, achieving a remarkable three-time increase in rating from the first episode. In addition, based on the TV topic index surveyed by Good Data Corporation, “The Red Sleeve” topped the drama category for the seventh consecutive week and have never missed the top spot after its first broadcast. In addition, since the fourth week of November, 2021, when people started to tell each other more about the drama, it has became the No.1 drama on the online video service (OTT) platform Wave Drama, No.1 paid VOD for three IPTV companies (KT, SKB, LGU+), and most viewed SMR clip.

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