Former F.T. Island member and actor Song Seung Hyun denies being involved in voice phishing crime 

He straightforwardly denied allegations of him being booked for voice phishing. 

On July 12th, through his Instagram, former F.T. Island member and actor Song Seung Hyun posted a screenshot of an article that stated an actor and ex-idol from F.T. Island took part in a voice phishing crime and turned himself in to the police. He captioned, “It’s not me. Please don’t worry.”

ft island song seung hyun

Song Seung Hyun emphasized that the incident had nothing to do with him. He added emoticons that express feelings of him being wronged and said, “I am doing fine filming my current work.”

Song Seung Hyun debuted as a member of F.T. Island in 2009 and then turned to acting after leaving the band in 2019. After several media channels reported earlier today that the actor involved in a voice phishing crime was from F.T. Island, Song Seung Hyun was quick to post an explanation

ft island song seung hyun

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency’s anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team announced on July 12th that they had arrested actor A without detention on charges of fraud.

A is suspected of scamming 6 million won from B through voice phishing calls on June 16th, and trying to deliver it to another cash collection book. At the time, A reportedly started being involved with voice phishing crime after seeing an article on the Internet that says, “This is a high-paying part-time job.”

ft island song seung hyun

However, after receiving money from the victim, A realized that his job was to collect cash from a voice phishing organization, and visited Yeoju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province to turn himself in.

The amount of damage has reportedly been returned to B.  The police found out that B had suffered a total of three voice phishing crimes, and arrested three additional people, including a cash collector who took part in two other crimes in addition to the case of A. The police plan to forward the case to the prosecution as soon as the investigation is completed.

Source: wikitree

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