AAA 2022: BTS unexpectedly receives no Daesang, NMIXX’s first stage without Jinni unveiled 

The results in some categories of the 2022 AAA came as a surprise. 

The 2022 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) was officially held on December 13 in Nagoya, Japan. The event gathered various popular artists from actors to idols such as Park Min Young, Han Soo Hee, Kim Seon Ho, SEVENTEEN, IVE, NewJeans, ITZY, Stray Kids… 

Han So Hee Seo In Guk Park Min Young AAA thumbnail
AAA 2022 gathered famous artists

Two 4th gen rookie girl groups, IVE and NewJeans were named at two Daesang Awards at this year’s AAA. The mega-hit “Love Dive” that swept the charts brought IVE Daesang Song Of The Year. NewJeans took home Daesang Performance Of The Year with “Attention”.

IVE won another Daesang with “Love Dive”
newjeans AAA
NewJeans won a Daesang with “Attention”

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Showing an impressive growth in popularity this year with back-to-back success of multiple releases and a large-scale world tour, SEVENTEEN excellently won Daesang Artist Of The Year. Meanwhile, Daesang Album Of The Year went to Stray Kids with “Maxident”.

seventeen AAA

Although this year’s AAA Daesang winners, especially in the case of IVE and SEVENTEEN, are considered deserving by numerous fans and general viewers, it still came as a surprise to many that BTS was left empty-handed in the Daesang category. Before AAA, BTS still reaped many Daesangs at the 2022 MAMA even though they didn’t attend.

BTS concept photos Door version
BTS is empty-handed in the Daesang category at the 2022
stray kids AAA
Stray Kids winning Album of the Year faces divided reactions 

In addition to the controversy over the results, the 2022 AAA also faced mixed reactions to the performance of Jiwoo (KARD). Specifically, she was singing while standing on a table at the awards ceremony, making the male idols sitting around her confused and awkward. They had to bow or look away when she was performing.

kard jiwoo AAA
The controversial performance of Jiwoo (KARD)

Last night, NMIXX also unveiled their first stage with 6 members after Jinni abruptly left the group. The camera panned to an NMIXX fan holding a banner that reads: “NMIXX will always be 7” during NMIXX’s performance. 

nmixx fan AAA
Fans’ reactions to the first stage of NMIXX without Jinni 

Source: K14

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