TWICE’s Momo surprises everyone by her singing skills in new cover song

TWICE's Momo showed off her unexpected singing skills.

On Nov 9th, a video of member Momo covering singer Lee Bo-ram’s song “The First Time In That Place” was uploaded on TWICE‘s official YouTube channel. The video was prepared for fans by Momo on the occasion of her 26th birthday. Before singing, Momo studied pronunciation by looking at the Korean lyrics. The idol then entered the recording studio and sang with a serious and calm voice. It was completely different from when she performed with TWICE.

Previously, TWICE was embroiled in a controversy over their singing ability on the No.1 encore stage of “MORE & MORE” in June 2020. In particular, Momo shocked many people by singing with a nasal voice and an unstable pitch.


However, upon listening to this cover song, netizens showed reactions such as “Your singing has improved a lot”, “Your voice goes really well with the song”, “Your timbre is good”, “I think you chose the right song”, “Your nasal tone disappeared”, “It’s not Momo’s voice that I thought it would be. You did a great job”…

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