Unprecedented controversy: Hyuna and Dawn’s proposals are said to be fake with evidence found by netizens

YouTuber Lee Jin-ho pointed out that singer Hyun-ah and Dawn’s marriage announcement is a “prologue for a public nuisance”.

Recently, on his YouTube channel, Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled, “Legendary stories about a nuisance’s prologue? The mystery of Hyun-ah and E’Dawn’s marriage announcement”.

Lee Jin-ho said, “Dawn posted a photo of the proposal rings with the caption ‘MARRY ME’ on his SNS on Feb 3rd. Hyuna also coolly agreed to the proposal, posting “Of course, yes.” Anyone could tell that marriage was approved of already,” he said. “But there are very strange parts. The proposal performance of the two was not discussed with the agency in advance. It seems to have been done arbitrarily,” he claimed.

hyuna dawn

“If such a proposal was made with the consent of their agency, an official marriage position should have been made the next morning. However, the agency only replied that it was “checking” throughout that day. This is not something that was discussed with their agency,” he said. “You may wonder what is important about this. Usually, the agency is in charge of announcing weddings. One-sided announcements like this will only make both the agency and the artist lose trust in each other,” Lee pointed out.

hyuna dawn

“In fact, it is difficult to even confirm whether this proposal performance is a joke or an official wedding announcement,” he said adding, “From the perspective of the job of a celebrity with their fans, and of business aspect, they had made some regrettable choices so far. In 2018, Hyuna also one-sidedly announced her romantic relationship and depart from Cube Entertainment. I hope that the two will achieve stable love from now,” he added.

HyunA Dawn

Previously, Hyuna was rumored to be dating E’Dawn, who was still a Pentagon member at that time, in 2018. Cube Entertainment, which was their agency at the time, said it was “groundless rumor.” However, Hyuna admitted her romantic relationship in an exclusive interview the next day, saying, “I want to be honest with my fans.” In the end, Cube Entertainment made a strong decision to end the contract with Hyuna and Dawn due to their arbitrary decision.

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