The reason why Girls’ Generation Seohyun appeared in a work dealing with “sexual orientation”

Girls’ Generation member – actress Seohyun took on a new challenge through Netflix’s movie “Love and Leashes”.

Love and Leashes

On the morning of Feb 8th, the production presentation of Netflix’s movie “Love and Leashes” was broadcast live online. Director Park Hyun-jin, Seohyun and Lee Joon-young attended the event and talked about various things.

Love and Leashes” depicts a romance between Ji-hoo (Lee Joon-young), who has everything perfect but has a unique sexual taste, and Ji-woo (Seohyun), a competent public relations team member who finds out about his secret. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the film was directed by Park Hyun-jin, who created sympathy by romance reflecting reality through “Lovers of Six Years” and “Like for Likes”.

Park Hyun-jin

Director Park Hyun-jin shared, “I read the webtoon after receiving a directing proposal, and I really enjoyed it. I liked the fact that I could ask various questions about human relationships and romance while dealing with the subject of sexual orientation. I made it with the desire and anticipation that if the female character appeared to fit the social atmosphere, it would be able to show a different composition of romance.”


Seohyun plays Jeong Ji-woo, an employee who lives and says everything straightforwardly. Revealing the reason why she decided to appear in this drama, Seohyun said, “The scenario was shockingly fresh. One thing that many actors dream of in their acting career is being able to play different characters and show various aspects that are not similar to what they have done in previous works. I’m also greedy as an actor, and there are various kinds of characters I want to challenge. Among many works, this was a scenario that arouse my sense of challenge”.

She added, “There are many points I could sympathize with and learn in the process of acknowledging, understanding, and learning the differences between people as a human. I thought this work would be so meaningful so I chose it.”

Lee Joon-young

Lee Joon-young takes on the role of deputy Ji-hoo, who attracts the attention of all female employees. Lee Joon-young will portray a man who always lives with the “perfect” cover while having a secret that he doesn’t want to get caught. The actor shared, “Usually, it takes a long time to read the whole scenario. I normally focus on reading the script 4-5 times and spend a long time looking through it. However, this work was so interesting that I just quickly finish reading it”.

Revealing the reason for his appearance in this drama, Lee Joon-young said, “As actress Seohyun said, I also became greedy of challenging new things as an actor after reading the scenario. The process of respecting and matching with different people as well as not pointing out and turning a blind eye to that thing, was so beautiful.”

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