A Viral Video on Thread Captures Unfriendly Behavior of a Staff Member at ZEROBASEONE Fansign

ZEROBASEONE's staff is under fire due to her behavior

A video quickly spreading on social media has sparked outrage among fans of the boy group ZEROBASEONE. The video shows a staff member displaying unfriendly behavior, including scowling, rolling their eyes, and glaring at fans during the group’s fansign event.

The staff member’s actions caught the attention of many and were quickly shared across social media platforms. Netizens immediately expressed their anger and disappointment at the staff member’s unprofessional conduct.

“This is ridiculous. What’s her problem?” one commenter questioned. “Why is she glaring at fans? What did they do wrong?” another asked in frustration. “Why is she rolling her eyes? If she doesn’t want to work here, she should quit,” one comment sarcastically remarked.

Some even expressed their desire to “slap” the staff member as punishment for their disrespectful behavior. “Watching this makes me want to slap her,” one angry comment stated. “This is so annoying, fire her already!” another demanded.

This incident has raised concerns about the attitude of staff members at idol fansigns. Many believe that this is a recurring issue that needs to be addressed to ensure respect for fans.

Currently, ZEROBASEONE and their management agency have not yet issued an official statement regarding the incident. However, the incident has significantly impacted the group’s image and left fans worried about the staff’s behavior in the future.

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