Ahn So-hee Reveals Items Inside Her Bag, “I Spray Perfume After Doing Smoking Scene”

Actress Ahn So-hee showed her exciting daily life with diverse activities and introduced things she always carries to work inside her back

On July 1st, Ahn So-hee released a new Vlog on her YouTube channel. 

In the video, Ahn So-hee revealed the items she usually brings along in her bag. She said, “First, I carry this bag and my lunch bag like this together, with a tumbler and water”.

Regarding her strict diet meal, Ahn So-hee said, “Eggs, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and decaf coffee”. The actress then showed her lip products and her favorite tumbler.  

ahn so hee

Opening her orange bag, Ahn So-hee took out the script for the play “Closer” with some stickers on it. Next, she introduced her makeup touch-up pouch with powder, heating eyelash curler, wireless portable brush hair straightener, and jewelry pouch.

Showing off her perfume, Ahn So-hee shared, “I spray this when leaving for work and in the morning too. Since there’s a smoking scene (during the performance), so after smoking, the smell gets on clothes. When I change, I spray it once more.”

The actress also drew admiration as she carried letters she received from fans along to work, proving her extraordinary love for fans.

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