Lee Je-hoon Cancels ‘Escape’ Coffee Truck Event Amid City Hall Station Tragedy

Actor Lee Je-hoon's Team Cancels Coffee Truck Event for 'Escape' Promotion

Actor Lee Je-hoon’s agency, Company On, announced on the 2nd through Herald POP that the previously scheduled coffee truck event for promoting the movie ‘Escape’ has been canceled. They explained that the cancellation was unavoidable. The ‘Escape’ team also apologized, citing the forecasted rain and the aftermath of an accident the previous day as reasons for the cancellation.

lee je hoon

Initially, Lee Je-hoon was set to hold the coffee truck event today (the 2nd) in front of the Seoul Newspaper Building in Jung-gu, Seoul. However, a major traffic accident occurred the previous day at an intersection near City Hall Station in Jung-gu, Seoul, where a vehicle drove in reverse onto the sidewalk, resulting in nine fatalities. The aftermath of this accident is still being handled.

Due to the impact of the accident and the rainy weather, the ‘Escape’ team ultimately decided that the coffee truck event had to be canceled.

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