A similarity in the stage expressions of Jang Won Young (IVE) and Huening Bahiyyih (Kep1er)

Wonyoung and Huening Bahiyyih often do this expression on stage.

Jang Wonyoung (IVE) and Huening Bahiyyih (KEP1ER) are the hottest names in the Gen 4 female idol series right now. Both have aspects in common, such as being the most well-known members of the group as well as having controversial abilities and professional skills.

Netizens have found another thing that Bahiyyih and Wonyoung have in common: they both like… winking when performing. Many times in Bahiyyih‘s WA DA DA fancams, you can see her winking. She tried to create an impression when it came to her lines by… winking. Some people believe that this expression is a little overdone, thus it should be restrained.

Similarly, Wonyoung during the promotion of the debut song ELEVEN with IVE is also often criticized for inappropriate expressions.  Netizens think that winking is a lovely expression, but repeating it too much will bore the audience.

However, comparing Wonyoung and Bahiyyih‘s stage expressions, fans still easily chose the winner, which is the IVE member.  To be fair, Wonyoung is still slightly ahead of Bahiyyih in terms of changing her expression in front of the camera thanks to her many years of experience. Meanwhile, Bahiyyih’s expression is still quite stiff, and she needs more time to improve her skill.  Besides, there are also opinions that Bahiyyih is superior to Wonyoung.

  • Bahiyyih’s expression has also improved, but she does the wink too much.
  • I prefer Bahiyyih
  • The way Bahiyyih sings “wa da da/ wa da da” with that expression is so adorable!
  • I wish Bahiyyih had more lines.  She has become more and more beautiful.
  • Wonyoung does the wink better
  • Wonyoung wins for sure.
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