Yoo In-na’s rediscovery: “Snowdrop” Moranbong No.1 who hid her feelings for Jung Hae-in

Actress Yoo In-na reaffirmed her limitless character digestibility.

Yoo In-na

Yoo In-na perfectly played the role of “Moranbong No.1” Kang Cheong-ya, a skilled surgeon who hid her true self, in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” (written by Yoo Hyun-mi, directed by Jo Hyun-tak) that ended on Jan 30th.

Yoo In-na captivated the opponents’ hearts with her lovely voice and way of speaking yet expressed two aspects that changed 180 degrees when left alone.

In particular, Yoo In-na‘s power of command and acting skills exploded when Cheong-ya was revealed to be “Moranbong No.1”. When the hostages were about to get out of Hosu Women’s University, the scene in which Cheong-ya appeared with an explosive weapon in her hand, shouting “Stop moving!” was by far the best. Viewers got shocked as Cheong-ya threatened to blow up part of the dormitory and pointed a gun at Eun Youngro (Jisoo) without hesitation. Besides, Yoo In-na’s action acting, which was shown when Cheong-ya attacked Lim Suho (Jung Hae-in) under the party’s direction to eliminate him, also made everyone’s hair stand on end.

Yoo In-na

Yoo In-na did not miss Cheong-ya‘s emotional line. In the final episode, Cheong-ya did not stop Suho from returning to Hosu Women’s University to protect Youngro, but handed over a secret account certificate worth 300 million USD and earnestly prayed for his safety.

After owing Suho‘s life, Cheong-ya held him in her heart. She knew Suho‘s earnestness, so the moment she said goodbye to him, she announced her real name, “My name is Eun-hye. Kim Eun-hye.” Cheong-ya‘s calm confession was a part of her desire to stand in front of Suho as “Kim Eun-hye” instead of Kang Cheong-ya or Moranbong No.1. Yoo In-na expressed the sincerity of Cheong-ya with hot tears.

Yoo In-na gained praise as “Yoo In-na’s rediscovery” for showing a new side that she had never shown before through the character Cheong-ya. People are looking forward to other transformations that Yoo In-na will showcase through her future works.

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