A JYP female singer receives attention from the netizens for her tattoos

Not everyone can accept this chic appearance of her.

It has been quite a long time since Baek Yerin’s most latest comeback with the album “Love You On Christmas” in 2016. During the gap between her schedule, seems like the female singer had decided to give herself a few new tattoos on her legs and stomache.

Before, Yerin had shown her fans her past tattoos, most of which are small ones spreading along her arms.

Netizens are surprised by Baek Yerin’s changes which is a total difference compared to when she just went to JYP and debut with 15&: “She seems to really like tattoo”, “Since when did tattoos start to cover her body?”, “But this means if she wants to appear on TV, she have to wear long-sleeved tops only”, “Baek Yerin’s body is like a flower bed now”, “I’m jealous with artists and singers because then can get tattoos without being judged…I’m just a normal office worker and I want to have a tattoo. But I’m afraid of what other people will say about me”, “Does she smoke? I can see a lighter tattoo”

Source: tinnhac

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