A ‘Girls Planet 999’ trainee sparked controversy when doing aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’ choreography

Many thought that this trainee could not convey the spirit of ‘Black Mamba’ while others said that they could not find any difference between this cover and the original of aespa.

aespa‘s dancing ability has remained contentious since its debut until today. Coming from SM Entertainment, a company known for producing a slew of skilled and well-known dancers, aespa has been criticized for not having any members with truly exceptional dancing abilities, including the main dancer Karina.

This topic recently sparked further debate when a participant on “Girls Planet 999” was compared to an aespa when doing the ‘Black Mamba’ choreography. Surui Qi

 is presently a highly ranked candidate among the 54 contestants that survived the first elimination round. Surui Qi re-entered the Top 9 and took 6th place overall, according to the results of the public vote in episode 5. She is presently rated second in C-GROUP, only behind Shen Xiaoting.


Korean netizens have dug up an old video of Surui Qi doing a cover dance of aespa’s “Black Mamba.” According to several comments on Korean internet forums, Surui Qi’s movements were excessively stiff and still much inferior to aespa. Some individuals believe that the “Black Mamba” choreography is intrinsically difficult. Other netizens, on the other hand, claimed that the aespa members dance really well and are nothing like the prejudices that have surrounded them in the past.

However, many Korean netizens pointed out that aespa spent a long time practicing and preparing for “Black Mamba,” thus comparing the group to Surui Qi, who only had a short amount of practice time before recording the cover video, would be pretty unfair. Some even questioned if this trainee’s cover really was so bad since they didn’t recognize the difference between Surui Qi’s movements and the original version of aespa.

  • “I also never thought aespa was good at dancing or had a strong point in choreography, but that contestant was obviously bad at dancing”
  • “Am I the only one who can’t feel the difference between aespa and Surui Qi’s movements?”
  • “I tried to do it and the result was that I was dizzy and thought I would faint. If you don’t believe, try it”
  • “But since “Black Mamba” is the debut song, aespa must have practiced it a lot.”
  • “aespa must have been preparing for ‘Black Mamba’ for months, how can it be compared to someone who only practiced for a short time”
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