A girl group member’s athletic ability contrasts with her cute appearance

Yeji is loved by fans as the leader of girl group “ITZY”. However, her dream was not to become a celebrity from the beginning.

ITZY Yeji had an unexpected dream when she was a child. It was to become a soccer player. This is what was revealed in a broadcast in the past.

Yeji dreamed of becoming a soccer player when she was little.

It feels very different now that she became an idol. Other members acknowledged that she suits soccer.

In fact, there was a reason why Yeji dreamed of becoming a soccer player. She said that she bought a “Jabulani” ball when she was in fourth grade.

It is the official ball of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and is familiar to soccer fans.

However, the name of the ball may be unfamiliar to non-soccer fans. Seeing that she knew this, she must have definitely liked soccer for sure.

She dreamed of becoming a soccer player with Jabulani. At the same time, she showed extraordinary confidence.


Until then, there was no “Kick a Goal” broadcast for her. If she is confident, it is urgent to invite her as soon as possible.

It was properly shown in a broadcast in the past. Yeji succeeded in scoring with a standard inside-shoot. Her shooting speed is great, too.


After that, she even performed a “Ho~woo” celebration, but it was edited in the main broadcast. Shooting skills worthy of confidence.

The fact that “she played soccer when she was little” was clearly verified. Seeing this, fans are curious about her competitive power on the soccer field. Everyone looks forward to seeing her on “Kick a Goal” soon.

Source: Daum

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