A famous sexy female Kpop idol surprisingly announced her marriage

Right after the movie “Mine” ended, this female idol-actress suddenly announced that she would become a bride this September.

On this morning (June 28), the hot female idol and actress NS Yoon-G suddenly announced that she will become a pretty bride this September.  Her fiance is reportedly not a celebrity.  This information made netizens extremely surprised because NS Yoon-G had never revealed any ‘hint’ of dating.  It was not until she was about to get married that she announced it publicly.

The actress and her husband-to-be

NS Yoon-G was born in 1988, she also uses another stage name, Kim Yoon Ji. In 2009, she returned to Korea from the US and worked as a Kpop idol.  She then became one of the hottest female idols of the same time as Rainbow, SNSD… NS Yoon-G started her acting career in 2017. Currently she is an artist under VAST Entertainment – Hyun Bin’s management company and just appeared in the mega hit drama – Mine.

The handwritten letter on NS Yoon-G’s Instagram is as follows:

“Hey everyone. It’s Yunjee. I wanted to you guys that I have found my forever one and will be getting married in September. He is a kind, warm, caring and loving person who’s always been there for me. I want to be there for him always as his wife. Please bless us with your love. And thank you so much for all the support and love”.

She has played the role of Jasmine in Mine
NS Yoon-G is one of hottest Kpop idols

Source: K14

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