A discovery that blew the ARMYs’ mind: BTS secretly transformed into ‘The Avengers’ in ‘IDOL’!

Big Hit’s boygroup was extremely well-prepared in their latest music product.

So far, BTS has always been known for devoting their heart and soul to music. The fact that they’ve made use of their own knowledge and intelligence has made fans even more proud of the artistry and unique style that only BTS has.

In their recently released album, the fans have just discovered that BTS has skillfully incorporated a great detail into the theme song’s choreography. In addition to the traditional Korean beat and the African vibe, some ARMYs have noticed that the 7 boys even transformed into Hollywood icons – “The Avengers”, in the choreography in “IDOL”. This interesting discovery has been synthesized by fans in a short video below.

It’s easy to see that apart from J-Hope playing the Anpanman’s role like in the lyrics, the other 6 members also transformed into superheroes as well: Jin tranformed into the green giant Hulk, Suga played the Wolverine’s role, Jimin transformed into Spider Man, V as Iron Man, RM as Captain America and Jungkook moved as if he was the thunder god Thor.

Let’s enjoy BTS’s “IDOL” as individual cam versions and cheer for our “bulletproof avengers”!

Source: tinnhac

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