A celebrity who debuted as an actress after becoming famous for looking like Suzy

Even before her debut, actress Lee Eun-jae was nicknamed “Suzy of Kyungshin Girls’ High School” for her appearance resembling Suzy and Han Sun-hwa through SNS.

At that time, Lee Eun-jae‘s selfies, which were released on her SNS, became a hot topic on the Internet. She joined the ranks of “ulzzang” and received attention from many people.

Lee Eun-jae

While attending Chosun University’s Department of Electronic Engineering, she started preparing for her full-fledged debut in the entertainment industry with her appearance as a cover model for “Univ Tomorrow”.

Lee Eun-jae

After that, starting as Innisfree’s commercial model in 2019, Lee Eun-jae made her face known by appearing in various dramas such as “Best Mistake” and “18 Again”.

Lee Eun-jae

In particular, Lee Eun-jae appeared in Pocari Sweat’s commercial in 2020 and gained huge popularity by showing off her innocent charm. In an interview, Lee Eun-jae picked actors Son Ye-jin and Park Seo-joon as role models, saying, “I want to act like Son Ye-jin, who can touch viewers’ hearts with just her eyes. I also want to showcase great comic roles like Park Seo-joon.”

Lee Eun-jae

Recently, Lee Eun-jae appeared in the web drama “Best Mistake 3” and gained sympathy from viewers by showing a more mature image and expressing the emotions experienced in the process of parting in a realistic way.


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