“Lovestagrams” from Lee Jun Ho and Woo Young Woo of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” drew attention

As the K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” gains popularity, the virtual SNS profiles of its characters become a hot topic. 

On July 19th, the official Instagram of the broadcasting station ENA published “screenshot” photos of two Instagram feeds, made to represent SNS accounts of two characters in the K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” – female lead Woo Young Woo (played by Park Eun Bin) and male lead Lee Jun Ho (played by Kang Tae Oh).

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The accounts captured in the photos do not exist, but fans show enthusiastic responses as each “feed” perfectly portrays its character’s personality and tendencies. 

In particular, Woo Young Woo’s Instagram handle is simply “@wooyoungwoo”. There are 6 followers and 6 followings, as well as a total of 46 posts uploaded. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The introduction on her profile reads: “My name is Woo Young Woo, whether I read it correctly or backwards. Like goose, tomato, Swiss, Indian, shooting star, Woo Young Woo, Yeoksam Station” – an iconic quote from this character.

The profile picture and feed are all filled with Woo Young Woo’s favorite images – the blue sea and whales, drawing attention.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ho’s ID is “@leejunho_94”. It seems that this character was born in 1994, so roughly 29 years old this year. 

Most of this character’s feed is related to Woo Young Woo, for example: the revolving door of his law firm’s office building where he first met Woo Young Woo, the cute sea mood light he gifted to Woo Young Woo, the sunset of a village in Ganghwa-do, and the whale image of the conference room. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

There are only 26 posts, but 118 people follow his account. On the other hand, he follows 66 people. 

Fans who came across the images wrote comments like: “I thought the profiles were real and looked them up..”, “The clean feed and follow numbers truly resemble Woo Young Woo”, “Isn’t Jun Ho’s account basically filled of Lovestagrams?”

Kang Tae Oh

Source: insight

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