6 stars who are rich and can afford expensive cars but haven’t had a driver’s license yet

The fact that these stars are rich enough to buy foreign cars but still cannot drive since they haven’t obtained a driver’s license surprised netizens. 

In Korea, you can obtain a driver’s license once you are over 18. That’s why many third-year high school students register for academies to get a driver’s license after taking the College Scholastic Ability Test.

However, some celebrities still haven’t had a driver’s license even though they already became adults a long time ago.

Below are 6 stars who are known to be rich with many hit songs and can afford expensive foreign cars, but cannot drive.

1. Young Tak

Trot singer Young Tak recently appeared on Channel A’s “Nowadays Men’s Life Groom Class” and began his challenge to get a driver’s license.

young tak 22032022 1

Young Tak made a huge profit with the hit song “Jjiniya” but has not yet obtained a driver’s license. 

He is currently participating in various broadcasts.

2. IU

IU once said she got a driver’s license to prank her fans on April Fool’s Day in 2020. In fact, the female singer has not yet obtained a driver’s license.


Last year, IU surprised everyone as she revealed that she couldn’t distinguish the difference between driver’s license type 1 and type 2 at the filming site for “strawberry moon” music video.

IU’s upcoming movie “Broker” is set to be released on June 8th.

3. Seventeen’s Woozi

“Copyrights wealthy man” Woozi, who has more than 100 copyrighted songs, is also one of the stars who don’t have a driver’s license.


He once shocked others by confessing that he went to visit his hometown Busan by train.

Woozi’s group Seventeen will release “Face the Sun” on May 27th.

4. DAY6’s Young K

Young K, who produced most of DAY6’s songs, is another star who doesn’t have a driver’s license.


Appearing on MBC FM4U’ s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope” right before enlisting in the military, Young K surprised fans by revealing that he had not yet obtained a driver’s license.

Young K enlisted in KATUSA and is fulfilling his military service duties.

5. BTS’s RM

RM, leader of the global boy group BTS, also cannot drive.

On a V LIVE broadcast in which he communicated with fans in the past, RM said that he already felt nervous just by thinking of taking a driver’s license test.

bts rm 080222

RM added that he was scared to drive.

RM’s group BTS is scheduled to greet fans with a comeback on June 10th.

6. (G)I-DLE’s Jeon So-yeon

Jeon So-yeon, who is the main producer of (G)I-DLE’s title songs, is also one of the celebrities who has not known how to drive yet.

(G)IDLE Soyeon

Not only Jeon So-yeon but almost all (G)I-DLE members do not have a driver’s license. It is said that Mi-yeon is the only person in the group who has obtained the license.

(G)I-DLE had a successful comeback with the release of “TOMBOY” in March.

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