The maknae of ITZY has had a legendary stage to return with the excellent visual

Finally, Yuna regained her form with the outstanding visual.

At the time ITZY debuted, Yuna was the strangest name in the group, but she quickly attracted great attention thanks to her eye-catching visuals and outstanding lovely face.  From the first teaser images, until the Dalla Dalla MV was released, Yuna always received a lot of praise for her beauty.

In particular, when officially performing on the debut stage, she shocked the audience even more with her bright red hair, and beautiful appearance like a mermaid.  The name Yuna immediately entered the top of the search right after that, her fancam quickly reached millions of views, being listed at the top of Kpop’s legendary debut stages.

However, after that, JYP made a disastrous decision when cutting Yuna’s bangs, causing her beauty to decline a lot.  At the time of the release of the song “Not Shy”, the quirky hairstyle and makeup made Yuna not as pretty as when she first debuted.

Fortunately, JYP listened to the audience’s opinions, letting Yuna get back with hair that was reminiscent of the old days.  On the recent KCONTACT stage, Yuna came back with long hair without bangs.  Just like that, her name once again became an explosive topic on the internet forums.  ITZY’s maknae returns with top visual form and charismatic charisma.

Many fans believe that since her debut, this is the legendary moment of Yuna.

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