6 Korean actresses who prefer the awkward, wide-eyed acting style

These Korean actresses seem to prefer the acting method of widening their eyes, no matter if they are surprised, angry or loved.

The most important factor of a drama or movie must be the casts’ acting skill, especially through their eyes. Even though their visual is no doubt beautiful, the audience is sick of the actresses mentioned below due to their overreact acting.

1. Park Shin Hye

It seems like Park Shin-hye is one of the most hated female lead of Korea. The reason is, she only have 1 expression which is widening her eyes and opening her mouth to show her surprised reaction whenever the male leads kissed her. However, in recent movies and dramas, Park Shin-hye is slowly improving her skill and starts to gain back the audience’s love.

Park Shin Hye

2. Han Ga In

If Park Shin-hye loves to widen her eyes whenever she’s surprised, then Han Ga-in likes to do it to show her anger. Even though her beauty is undeniable, Ga-in’s acting was and is still a controversial topic. She was even criticized to be worse than her junior Kim Yoo-jung in “The Moon Embraces The Sun”. The audience even asked the drama producer to change the female lead.

Park Shin Hye

3. Shin Se Kyung

Shin Se-kyung’s name is never absent from the list of actresses who don’t know how to act. The reason is simple, her acting skill is still the same as it is during her rookie era. She still widens her eyes weirdly to show that she’s surprised.

Park Shin Hye

4. Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye-sun sure knows how to mesmerize the audience with her undeniable beauty. However, this only works if she toned down her overreacting expression. Despite being in the industry for quite a long time, Goo Hye-sun still hasn’t improved her acting.

Park Shin Hye

5. IU

IU’s acting used to be a controversial topic. It was to such an extent that some even drop the drama because they can’t stand her acting. After “Moon Lovers”, to many K-drama lovers, she officially became a part of the actresses who cannot act. Hae-soo seems to be a difficult role for a rookie like IU, which is why she was criticized non-stop throughout the drama.

Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye

6. Seo Ye Ji

Before her role as the psycho author in “It’s OK To Not Be OK”, Seo Ye-ji failed miserably with her role for “Moorim School”. With her inexperienced acting, the audience was tired of her overreacting, constantly-screaming style of acting. She ruined the role Soon-duk so much, none even wanted her to be with the male lead Lee Hyun-woo. 

Park Shin Hye

Source: K14

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